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Terms & Conditions



Lay out the process and expectations to create an exceptional experience together and a work of art you and yours will cherish for generations. 


The Highlights

  • All custom work comes with an appraisal and photography
  • Any purchase must be paid in full prior to leaving our premises
  • All sales are final unless stated otherwise
  • All transactions are in US dollars
  • No state sales tax outside of Florida



How George works

George Georgallis is a master jeweler and renowned artist. He is widely recognized for his unique designs. Because he is an artist, each experience and process is bespoke. Bespoke design means each piece of jewelry he creates has been designed specifically with you in mind, crafted to exemplify your style and meet your specific needs.

You are hiring him for his unique style, expertise and experience and that must be respected throughout the process, after all, that is why you are hiring a master of the craft.


To Begin


Pay a $500 Retainer

Bespoke work is highly personalized and a very time-consuming process. In order to provide you with the ample time for consultation, design and sourcing stones, we require a "good faith" retainer.

A retainer is a nonrefundable deposit. “Good faith” refers to the requirement for you to provide timely responses, adhere to all agreements made and maintain integrity without taking advantage of our creative services or holding us to an unreasonable standard.

The retainer will be applied towards any purchase. There is no expiration date. The retainer is nonrefundable.

A retainer entitles you to:

  • Our expertise and assistance with the stone selection
  • Custom design with up to two revisions
  • An itemized price quote
  • Professional guidance and consultations
  • Free in-house appraisal

A retainer signals your commitment to mutual collaboration. A retainer is required in order to:

  • Set up an appointment for viewing stones
  • Produce stone videos and photographs
  • Create a design
  • Schedule an appointment for a consultation
  • Receive custom quotes

The Process

  • Share design concepts and budget
  • Select the stones -all diamonds and stones are hand selected for each piece
  • Create the design
  • Manufacture the piece


Please expect at least 30-60 days to complete



G & Co. is committed to complete customer satisfaction. G & Co. takes pride in the quality and workmanship of our merchandise manufactured in our state of the art facility, and we are confident that you will be completely satisfied. George Georgallis is personally involved in the production of each piece, from conception to completion.


G & Co. is fully insured



Custom work requires a deposit of 50% of the total. The deposit is not refundable under any circumstances.

Full payment is required for:

  • Custom made wedding bands
  • Custom work involving semi-precious or unusual stones
  • Custom work involving highly personal designs

Scope of Work

A sale takes place once the verbal agreement is reached, the Scope of Work is created and deposit is paid.

A client who fails to follow through on the agreed-upon purchase after receiving the Scope of Work and making a payment will be blacklisted and refused any work or purchases in the future.

All questions regarding goods being used, return policy, costs, availability and timing of completion must be asked prior to proceeding with a purchase.

G &Co. makes no guarantees in regards to the finished item's appraised or market value.

A Scope of Work is a binding sales contract describing all costs, terms, and conditions of the sale. The SOW constitutes the acceptance of the terms by both parties.

Once the SOW is created it becomes a mutually binding agreement that cannot be revised or canceled under any circumstances.

The execution of every aspect of the design must be left to George Georgallis as the artist except the specifications laid out in the SOW.  


The production officially starts on the day the SOW is agreed apon.

Due to the unpredictable nature of custom work, a deadline cannot be guaranteed. G & Co. is not responsible for any monetary loss to the client due to a completion delay.


The balance payment must be cleared by our bank prior to shipment.

Failure to pay the balance in full within 30 days of the final notification will result in a 5% interest compounded monthly added to the total.

Failure to pay the balance within 3 months from the day of the initial purchase will result in the complete forfeiture of all deposits made.

Failure to settle the balance within 6 months will trigger a legal action without further notice.

A customer who abandons the project is still responsible for the full amount regardless of the stage of completion the project is in.


All sales are final.


The customer has the right to examine the goods upon reception and has 10 days in which to notify G & Co. of any claim for damages based on the condition, grade, or quality of the goods.

Such notice must specify in detail the particulars of the claim. Failure to provide such notice within the requisite time period constitutes an irrevocable acceptance of the goods.

In no event shall G &Co. be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of a customer's purchase or use of any product or service.

Because of their intended usage, G &Co. makes no warranties whatsoever, expressed or implied, written or oral, to purchasers of their products regarding performance, safety, fit, merchantability, or length of service.

Purchasers are responsible for the selection of proper goods. They must rely on their own skills or judgment that such goods are suitable for the purchaser's application.

Under the United States Copyright Act of 1976, George Gregory Fine Jewelry retains all rights to all patterns, concepts, engineering techniques and processes, designs, directions, drawings, models, prototypes and computer data.

Proper care must be exercised by the consumer to display, handle, wear, store and clean the jewelry. Any damages caused by everyday wear and tear are not covered by G &Co.

Client Provided Stones

If a client would like to use a pre-owned stone, they must first fill out our stone intake form, send photos of the stones (or schedule an in-person meeting), and provide detailed information about stone type, carat weight, any certifications (GIA, etc) and current mounting. Stone requests are approved on a case by case basis, and an additional fee will be charged (price determined with client depending on the stone). 

The client agrees that there is reasonable risk involved in removing stones from mountings and resetting stones. G & Co. will assess any risk regarding your stone, and advise the client on any foreseeable issues before moving forward with stone resetting. By providing consent for G & Co. to reset a pre-existing gemstone, the customer holds harmless G &Co. against any stone or mounting damage due to stone flaws or existing stone cracks, chipping, flaws, or inclusions. 

If a client chooses to use their own stones and ships them directly to G & Co., the customer will select its own shipping carrier, negotiate rates, shipping terms, and remit payment directly to the shipping provider. The customer will be encouraged to purchase shipping insurance, and understands that G & Co. will not purchase shipping insurance on the customer's behalf. The customer assumes all liability associated with this shipment, and hereby holds harmless G & Co. and all of their deemed agents against any claims for loss or damage. Any claims that need to be made for lost or damaged shipments will by the customer's responsibility. 


At the discretion of G & Co., a custom piece will be repaired or replaced if any manufacturer defects are found in the first 6 months from the date of the purchase. Normal wear and tear and customer abuse is not covered under warranty.


It is the customer's responsibility to provide an accurate ring size prior to production. Pieces will be resized on a case-by-case basis, and come with a flat resizing fee of $100 [platinum pieces require a $200 resizing fee]. Pieces such as eternity bands, intricate settings, or pieces featuring certain gemstones cannot be resized. Please allow 1-2 weeks for resizing.